The clock is always counting down...

Bids placed in the last 25 seconds will reset the clock another 25 seconds. If no one bids after the 25 second reset, the last bidder wins.


Bids Back The Bids Back works as follows: It only applies for those that do not win an auction or chose not to purchase the item. If the auction indicates you will receive up to 90% of your General Bids returned, calculation determination is upon the amount of General Bids used. In the case of 90% return, the calculation basis is as a fee of 1 bid for any increment of 10. For example, if you place 5 bids in an auction, there is a one bid charge as a fee, and you will receive 4 bids back, however, if you place 10 bids in an auction, you will still only have one bid charged as the fee and you will receive 9 bids back. The same applies for each group of 10 bids placed after the first 10: if you were to bid 44 bids in an auction, you would pay 5 bids as the fee and receive 39 back. To receive the highest percentage available back, you need to bid in exact increments of 10.
Multiple Winners Indicates the amount of multiple winners in the auction
Free to Winner Indicates Winners only cost are bids used to win the auction. True2Bid pays the final price of the auction. Please note: in main auction page amount will indicate 0, in product view page, amount will be shown, however, True2Bid pays final price
Beginners Only Indicates only beginners can participate in the auction - those that have never won an auction, once you win one beginner auction, you are not eligible to win another.
Nail Biter Indicates nail biter auctions, users cannot use the auto bidder
Celebrity Auction Indicates this auction features products from celebrities, with a significant portion of the proceeds going to the charity Soles4Souls
Buy It Now Indicates the product can be purchased during the auction or up to 24 hours after the auction closes
ABC This means Winners or Winners and Purchasers of this item will receive bids back as part of the auction product, refer to the product view page of the auction to learn more about bids that may be awarded to Winners and Purchasers. This is unrelated to our Bids Back program.
PBB This means the product cannot be discounted, but purchasers will receive a set amount of bids back after purchase, to learn more please see the product view page for the specific item
Minimum Price If an auction does not reach minimum price, all participants will get all of their General Bids back, or can choose to apply toward purchase of the item